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Letter to Parents
Friday, November 6, 2020 6:34:23 PM

Hello Everyone!

I am still working on schedules and hope to have this week. I will post online so please refresh and check there. A few things to go over.

We understand that everyone has a different opinion of COVID and how to handle/not handle it. We respect everyone’s opinion. We continuously pray for guidance on the issue and will try to handle it as best as possible. With that being said, please do not count on our safety protocol or measures to keep you safe. By now everyone knows and should understand what should be done to keep you and your family safe. I will set some guidelines but we are realist and know that some will not follow these. The most important thing I can ask is to please follow as best as you can. I will kindly say if you are not comfortable with this, please try us in the summer instead. Maybe by then things have calmed down. We will follow the city rules. If they decide to shut down the city, then we will. Until then we will try to keep the league going. Many asked us to open again and continue as normal as possible. I did try to schedule all games as such that if we have to stop because of the city, we can maybe postpone and reschedule.

  1. 1)  1 to 2 people per player. Please don't bring relatives to watch the game. Maybe next summer is best for that. I personally don’t take my kids if not 100% necessary.

  2. 2)  Parents should wear a mask at all times, especially if close to other people. Kids can wear a mask as well. It is close quarters by the bench so maybe instruct them to wear a mask if on the bench. It is not recommended by the head organizations of soccer that they wear one while they play.

  3. 3)  Coaches should keep masks on throughout the entire game.

  4. 4)  Keep your distance as best you can. This will be hard, the facilities are not big. This is why

    we recommend taking only people who are necessary.

  5. 5)  Do not stay and watch other games. Please go only for your game and then exit the

    building immediately. I have spread the games out more than previous seasons but we still need your help with immediately exiting the building. There is a lot of space on our outdoor field to hang out if you NEED to. Coach talks can drag on for a while so please do it outside.

  6. 6)  Please do not go inside until about 10 minutes before your game as to avoid foot traffic. Teams are welcome to warm up outside.

  7. 7)  Wash your hands constantly. We have a sink outside before walking into the building and we have our restrooms.

  8. 8)  If the player is feeling ill, please do not bring to the game. Even if he/she is the MVP of the team, please resist and do not take to the game. If someone in the home is currently diagnosed with COVID, please do not attend game. This is at your discretion, I pray everyone understands the importance of being responsible with this.

Even with all the heaters, our building still remains cold in the winter so dress accordingly.
Do NOT yell at our refs.
We have zero tolerance for that. You will not win the fight. We will throw out a team before we ever consider removing our refs. Please remember that.
We will give trophies or medals only to the teams that finish in 1st and 2nd place. In previous seasons we had semifinals/finals. This season as to avoid more people attending games we will go only by the points in the game. Though our refs report the scores to us. Feel free to keep track yourself as to help with accuracy. **IMPORTANT: It is a 10 goal max differential! meaning: i.e. Let’s say you win 31-2, the score will only reflect 12-2. Especially on the score board. Our refs are instructed to write the tally if it goes past 10, they still keep score and write

but only post 10 goal differential Max on score board. Please do not text me asking me to add goals or fix the score. There is no error. This is correct. This goes for everyone and will not affect your standings as there are other tie breakers in place.
Our system automatically generates the standings according to the score and places them in order on the home page of the bracket:

  1. 1)  Begins with points: Win-3, Loss-0, Tie-1

  2. 2)  Score difference: which we set at 10 goal differential MAX.

  3. 3)  Scores for.

  4. 4)  Scores against

  5. 5)  Head to Head

If at the end, a team is still tie in points, then I will look to the written scores.

Please do not play anyone who is not of your age bracket as that will result in a loss. Any doubt please, let me know before they play so I can verify the age group. We do have the right to ask any coach or parent for a birth certificate.

Check the schedule every week for changes. I do not do reschedules, unless it’s something that we as organization have to accommodate. Plan accordingly. For 7v7, it’s a 5 minimum to be able to play, 3v3 it’s a 2 minimum to be able to play.

More importantly, if you have any questions, please direct them to your coach, and have the coach direct to me as to avoid 100 text messages in the day.

Doors open 5-10 minutes before the first game. Please have patience.

Address to follow in case it doesn’t pop up on GPS: 6695 Andrews Hwy
Odessa, TX 79762

We are located behind the green building. 3v3 is the small building at the end of the road. 7v7 is the big building on the right as you enter the street.

This is a family run facility and we do this because we saw a need in the area to have somewhere for our kids to play in their off season. It’s not easy. Please do not come to us or anyone in the concession stand in a heated moment to yell. We have no problem kicking anyone out. Problematic people will not be tolerated. All to often, we see that the kids reflect their parents so please set a good example for them. As the season progresses, the competitive side of a person comes out, it is then that I ask to please remain calm and be the example to your kids.

I anticipate a great season. We thank you for joining us and please don’t forget to keep us and this league in prayer.

-Janet De Anda 

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